ITPro Data Recovery
ITPro Data Recovery

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NEVER try to disconnect interface cable when power is connected to IDE, PATA, SATA or SCSI devices. It may cause corruption to logical and even physical damages.

of Data Recovery

Step 1
Go to


Step 2
Check site information whether identify your problems or not
Step 3
Call ITPro or fill in the online evaluation form and return
Step 4
We'll reply you shortly for your information submited **

Step 5
Determine what kind of services are suitable. For example, on-site or send out storage media etc

Step 6
Get the JOB ORDER #ID and track the WIP

Step 7
Confirm data, payment and delivery

- For prority service, we'll complete initial assessment and quote you the exact price before proceeding job order;
- ** in some cases, the media need to undergo the initial assessment to have actual response.

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